Completion of Chainpur Mayor Gold Cup 2075

Chainpur Mayor Gold Cup 2075 was finished on Friday, 4th May 2018.

Khandbari Municipality won the trophy.

Khandbari was able to score the goal in the first half. In the first attempt the refree appealed offside before the players were proclaimed the first goal.
However, soon after a couple of minutes the another goal scored by Martin became the conclusive goal. And, blatantly the Man Of The Match title was given to Mr. Martin.

The game became even more exciting after the rainfall. The players continued to play unaware of the rain.
The enthusiastic audience were too excited. In fact, they continued to watch in the rain either with the umbrella, chair or anything they could get.

In the second half Paanchkhapan Municipality were playing more attacking game and improved their game.
With many attempt, however they couldn't score any goal.

Title was distributed as follows:
1) Man Of The Match - Bishnu Chaudhary (Khandbari Municipality)
2) Best Player - Mustapa (Paanchkhapan Municipality)
3) Most Goal Scorer - Nishan Limbu (Chainpur Municipality)

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